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Our Fitness Beyond personal trainers have the experience and expertise to ensure that you achieve your health and fitness goals. We will guide you in the right direction while ensuring that your workouts are enjoyable but tough.

scott brady

Fitness Beyond Trainer

Scott Brady – Advanced Reps Level 3 / PICP1 / EKI

Scott is a Qualified Diet and Nutrition Advisor, Advanced Level 3 Instructor, TRX Instructor and a Certified (EKI) Kettlebell Instructor. He holds First Aid Certification and Public Liability cover.

Scott’s qualifications have also seen him travel to the USA where he sat and passed his final exam at the Poliquin Strength Institute in Rhode Island qualifying him as a PICP1 Coach.

In the past Scott made his way into the final of a top national Cover Model Competition run by Men’s health magazine. He was one of 13 chosen finalists who had been hand-picked from 6,500 guys who entered here in the UK.

Scott gained some valuable experience while attending a 4 day photoshoot, interviews and press coverage in London.

mark henderson

Fitness Beyond Trainer

Mark Henderson – Advanced REPs level 3 / TRX

Mark is an Advanced Level 3 Instructor and a Certified TRX Instructor. He holds First Aid Certification and Public Liability cover.

Mark is an experienced trainer who has worked for several of Aberdeens top health and fitness clubs before joining the fitness beyond team in mid 2011.

One look at his physique shows you that Mark is dedicated to his duties as a personal trainer, he is a great example of practicing what he preaches to maintain his lean frame 24/7.


Fitness Beyond Trainer

Level 3 Pt, Kettlebell, Spin, Metafit instructor.

A-class muay thai boxer (9-0)

Paul’s Fitness background has always been sport & movement based. He has a Muay Thai record of 9-0. Paul likes to plan ahead with his clients & look to the future, looking at long term health. When Paul’s clients only goal is say fat loss, He tries to work on improving total body movement & create a balance so their body works as one unit, that can help maintain health through the years & avoid creating aches, pains & posture problems that are common within most training methods.

Paul’s end goal with his clients is to find them a long term maintainable Nutrition & Training program.

Book a free consultation with us if you would like to know more about how our Fitness Beyond personal trainers can help you achieve your personal health and fitness goals. 

We will motivate you to workout and encourage you to challenge yourself. Your workouts will be fun, enjoyable and tough but you will notice the results both in the way you feel and look.
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