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Having been a regular gym-goer for several years, but not having seen any significant changes, I decided to contact Fitness Beyond to see if they could make a difference. With an upcoming snowboarding holiday, I also wanted to improve my fitness levels so I could enjoy the trip rather than struggle on the mountain!

Two and a half months on and I’ve dropped almost 2 stone! My fitness levels are the best they have been for years. I’ve also had to invest in a new work wardrobe as my old clothes are now too baggy for me!

The meal plan and recipes are easy to follow and taste great. I don’t feel like I’m depriving myself, and enjoy the extra energy that comes with eating well. Along with the gym sessions, the differences I have seen and felt so far are brilliant. Scott keeps the sessions varied and challenging, which makes them both effective and enjoyable. Unlike previously where I saw exercise as a necessary evil, I now look forward to my gym sessions!

If you put in the effort, Fitness Beyond will help you to achieve your targets. I highly recommend Scott and the team to anyone looking to lose weight, tone up or improve their fitness!


Having been on various diets and visits to gyms without seeing any results I’d pretty much just accepted that my body shape just wouldn’t change. However last summer met a couple of guys I know and couldn’t believe the difference in them, to the point I barely recognised them. Once the told me that they were both going to Fitness Beyond I decided to give it one more chance.

Initial meeting with Scott gave me hope that my body shape could possibly be changed, so I signed up and started training with Mark the following week.

To be honest initially I thought I wouldn’t be able to change my eating habits but the food plans given make the change a lot easier than I thought it would be. I was also a bit afraid that the training may be too hard for me, however Mark did work me hard but the training was really enjoyable.

After the first couple of weeks things were going well and weight was dropping along with waist size. Now 3 months later I’m down 3 stone and 8 1/2 inches of waist and feeling as good as I have in twenty years.

Fitness levels are to a stage that I’ve signed up for balmoral 10k in April and a 92k bike race in Norway in June. Unthinkable just a few months ago! My kids are also benefiting as I come home after work with energy to do stuff with them. Wife also fairly happy with the change in me I think!

Just like to give a big thanks to all the team at Fitness Beyond for all their help, encouragement and friendliness. Special thanks to Mark for the training, both for keeping it uncomplicated for me and for the end results.

If anybody is thinking about doing the program but not too sure, please don’t hesitate. Sign up, put the effort in and you won’t regret it. By far the best money I’ve ever spent.

Gary Wright

Before I started working with Fitness Beyond I had been training for a lot of years and thought I knew a lot about nutrition and training but as I got further into my training I realised there was a lot more to be learnt.

I had been working in Aberdeen for almost a year when a friend told me about Fitness Beyond at first I thought why do I need personal trainer then one day I looked in the mirror and saw what I was becoming. I was working long hours and trying to fit in my training also and it was becoming very difficult to get into a good routine.

I got in touch with Scott in December last year and started training with him in January this year. Straight from the induction he knew and understood what I wanted to achieve so I was very keen to get started. Losing weight wasn’t the main issue but toning up and increasing muscle mass was so from the word go we started training quite intense and Scott pushed me to my limit every session some days further.

Changing my eating habits was tough but I have always been the kind of person that doesnt give in once I have committed myself and having Scott there to help and keeping me on track made it a lot easier and after only 5 weeks I was already seeing remarkable changes. I wasn’t losing a lot of weight but I was losing inches from my stomach and my body fat was disappearing quite quickly so I was very pleased.

I was working with Scott for over 12 weeks in total and my body fat went into single figures and I achieved more than I originally planned. I am now training on my own and with what I learnt from Scott I have managed to keep the weight I lost off and my body fat to a happy medium. I now know that if I need to train for something with commitment and dedication I can get it. I would like to thank Scott and Fitness Beyond for what I have achieved and I have no doubt that I will work with them again in the future.


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