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Whatever your age and current level of fitness, our experienced team of personal trainers can help you achieve and exceed your goals, helping you reach your full health and fitness potential. Follow the link below to read some of our success stories.
23 lbs loss

Great progress from Alice who has lost just over a stone and a half.

Alice has achieved this using our group PT package with her mum, whilst still enjoying the food she loves.

Having found the right balance of training and nutrition she can maintain these results long-term!

8 Weeks

Mark started working with fitness beyond at the end of January. Only 8 weeks into his training block and Mark has already achieved so great changes for his commitment.

Mark has lost 3 inches off his stomach and increased his chest by 1.25 inches.

Mark works offshore (and he has already been away since he started his block) showing us that even when you work away you can still make your plan work for you!


Lisa was fed up of being overweight and contacted Fitness Beyond because she wanted a new healthier lifestyle for herself and most of all her children who have been her biggest motivation.

Since she started working with fitness beyond Lisa has dropped 7 dress sizes and lost a massive 140 POUNDS!! She has shown us through her pictures that if you work hard the results will follow!


4 months

Carole started working with fitness beyond the summer of 2019.

Just over 4 months later and Carole has lost a fantastic 42 pounds and reduced her waist by a staggering 9.5 inches!!!!

Wow, all this was achieved whilst working with fitness beyond for only 2 x 30mins session per week!


7 Weeks

Kevin has just completed a 10 hour training block with fitness beyond: during this block he has trained with us for three x 30 minute sessions per week and I think you will agree that he has made a phenomenal change to his physique in only 7 weeks.

Kevin has given his full commitment during his 7 weeks, making all his sessions and following his nutrition plan to our instruction and as a result he has already exceeded his expectations in such a short space of time.


5 Stone Weight Loss

The first picture was taken last year, just weeks before Lesley Ann signed up to start training with Fitness Beyond.

At the beginning of her plan Lesley Ann really struggled to complete her gym sessions but soon after she started to see the changes to her body she quickly became hooked!

Now 5 dress sizes smaller and nearly 5 stone lighter Lesley Ann looks and feels fantastic!!!……. Great work!!



If you are looking to increase your strength and transform your body then I couldn’t recommend Scott highly enough. I’ve been on a 10 week programme and I am delighted with the results, it really has exceeded my expectations. Scott has pushed me, motivated me and also prepared a meal plan which was easy to follow. He has quite literally changed my life and I can’t recommend him highly enough!
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